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  • Lincs and Edges

    Online tools help you play to your strengths while supporting both you and your team.  Our Resource Sharing tool "lincs" you to your trusted partners so that you can manage manpower without losing your core talent or taking on additional overhead.

  • You focus on what you love...

    By focusing on what you are best at, you perform more consistently and earn more. Our online tools ease and simplify your back end operations releasing you from paperwork and ensuring you bill accurately.

Scheduling that gives you the edge..

A simple Gantt format that provides an intuitive visual platform for planning and scheduling.

Resource Sharing that lincs...

This is an online tool that helps manage peaks and valleys without adding technicians or laying off existing staff.  And best of all, is a potential source of business.

We have operated small trade based businesses for over 22 years. We understand the importance of harnessing the details and how difficult information capture can be.

Using intuitive responsive interfaces we’re creating online tools that help manage the daily details so you can operate more profitably.

LincEdge was created to support technical firms.  Our virtual tools and "servicelincs"  release offsite technicians to do more of what they love. 

Plain and simple. We help trade entrepreneurs operate BIG.

“Skilled technicians & trades who choose to work independently often find the realities of  operating a business burdensome. LincEdge provides services to trade entrepreneurs that help them run their businesses with far less effort, enabling them to focus on what they do well.”

Marilyn Sanford